Rules and Pace of play – please read

Gentlemen….Please take a moment to read the rules on the RULES page. If anything is unclear then please ask. If you do not understand terms like “point of entry” or what “2 club lengths” mean then maybe golf isn’t the right game for you. As an example: you tee off on the 4th hole, your wayward tee shot is right and travels over all those trees and more importantly the OB stakes. You look for your ball and find it, out of bounds, but down near the pond. You are not allowed to drop your ball down by the pond. You must drop your ball at the point in which it entered the woods or OB area. It is perfectly legal for you to play a provisional from this drop area before you drive down to search for your wayward tee shot. We want to avoid groups driving back and forth and taking far too long to look for lost balls. This is one of the biggest contributors to a slow pace of play but not the only contributor. Although we do not play a true ready golf style BUT we should be able to play a common sense style. Just because Joe Schmo always tees off first for your team doesn’t mean everyone needs to wait for him to use the facilities. Get up and hit, or give up honors to your opponent. There will be times where the person that is away may not be in a position to hit quickly. Go ahead and take your shot. Again this is common sense based. A simple “go ahead and hit” from the person away or a “want me to hit?” from the person ready to play is simple and it keeps everyone communicating. Be sure you and your opponent are on the same page. Once everyone has reached the green please practice proper etiquette. Do not step on anyone’s line, and become invisible when someone is putting. Invisible means no fidgeting, talking, wiggling, waggling or dropping your club. Overall awareness and courtesy towards the people you are playing with and the rest of league should help us all enjoy a fun, competitive round every week.