Final results

Champions – Morning Wood

Runner up – Wrecking Balls

Regular Season First – Morning Wood

Scum Champs – Waldorf and Statler

Mr. Scumbag – Kevin Richards

Top 4 Indy champ – Mario Coco

Championship Saturday

The finals are set:

Morning Wood v Wrecking Balls

Top 4 indys

Chris Sanders v Mike Ciampa v Mario Coco v Kevin Leblanc

All teams playing against one another for the scum championship.

Good luck to all!!!

September 13th Tee Times

Match ups and tee times:

3:38 A-Holes v Waldorf & Statler 

3:46 Deplorables v Not Cocos

3:54 Mudcocks v Senior Moment 

4:02 Dimpled Balls v Double Bills ~ Grudge Match

4:10 Morning Wood v Ball Busters ~ Semifinal

4:18 Jelly Tight v Wrecking Balls ~ Semifinal

4:26 Drifters v 2 Putz

4:34 M&R v Tee Dubbs 

4:42 Atlantic Crossing v Have another round

4:50 Celtic Avengers v Swingers

September 15th Scum League outing – Venue

We will be playing our championship round at the Meadow in Peabody