We are Back baby!!!

2020 season begins this week!! We will be playing with some slight rule modifications.

  1. There is a PVC ring in the cup. If the ball hits the ring it is considered holed.
  2. There is NO access to the clubhouse as of right now
  3. Payment is cash or check ONLY
  4. Be at the course and ready to go 15 minutes prior to your tee time MINIMUM

Know your role

Gentlemen a quick refresher course on the responsibilities of you golfers. First and foremost please get to the course at least 15 minutes before your tee time. I cannot stress this enough. The first tee time is for the group who is cooking. Their opponent is responsible for taking the stakes out for the days proximity contests. The last group is responsible for picking up those proximity marker and bringing to the clubhouse. All of us are responsible for keeping the pace of play moving.