Super Mario!!!

Super Mario hit his 3rd hole in one of his career. 10th hole Mt Hood. Congrats to the man the myth the legend!!!!

Off and running!!!

We are back boys!! We have had two very different weather days but are fortunate that we were able to play this early in the season. The course looks like it is poised to be in stellar condition all year. We will be getting our Buck Buck going in the next couple of weeks and will need to formalize our substitute email list as well. Stay tuned!

2020 Results

Champions: Swingers

Runner Up: A-Holes

Scum Champions: BEMHO

Mr. Scumbag: Billy Robinson

Top Dog: Mike Ciampa

Regular season 1st: Jelly Tight

Most Improve: Phil Amico

Semifinals are set!

3:36 A-Holes v Dimpled Balls ~ Playoff

3:48 BEMHO v Mudcocks

4:00 Swingers v Atlantic Crossing ~ Playoff

4:12 Jelly Tight v Not Cocos

4:24 Tee Dubbs v M&R

4:36 Tee Baggers v Wrecking Balls

4:48 We Swing Both Ways v Drifters

5:00 Have another round v 2 Putz

5:12 Waldorf & Statler v Ball Busters

5:24 Celtic Avengers v Double Bills

Double Point week

4 weeks left?!

Hard to believe but we have only 4 more weeks left in the regular season! Our shortened corona season has gone by incredibly fast. Good luck to everyone as we come into the home stretch of the playoff run!

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